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Buy Verified Juni Account

  • Juni Bank Main Account Login
  • Ready To Use
  • Mail Account Login (Mail+pass+recovery)
  • Juni Bank Login (Mail+Pass)
  • Number Access  (Google Voice)
  • USA Bank Attached (Additional Bank  access if applied)
  • Instruction how to use bank (PDF / Video)
  • Account Creation Info (Fullz / SSN)
  • Scan Of Documents
  • RDP / VPS ( 1 month )
  • Replacement Warrantee 7 Days.
  • 24/7 Customer support (Full Support)

Please Note:

Please Note too if you place order for Team account you need to wait until we received min 5 order.   Is Juni a bank? In the latest development, Juni, a neobank that is built specifically for companies selling online, has closed a Series A of $21.5 million, only 12 weeks after officially opening for business.   What is Juni card? Juni offers instant credit based on your balances with networks, processors and accounts you’ve integrated with us. … Free Physical Credit Card and unlimited free Virtual Credit Cards. Accepted by all advertising platforms and merchants.   How does Juni make money? Initially, Juni will make money on interchange fees (minus the cashback it offers) and by charging a subscription in the best SaaS traditionCredit is also an obvious revenue stream, too.   In which currencies can I get a juni IBAN account? The Juni beta offers IBAN accounts in EURGBP and USD. What types of bank transfers can I make? Your can make SEPANon-SEPA and SWIFT (International Wire Transfer) transfers. We do not support bank checks or cash deposits.   Where can I find my juni account details? Your can make SEPA, Non-SEPA and SWIFT (International Wire Transfer) transfers. We do not support bank checks or cash deposits.   Can I receive money from PayPal to my juni account? Yes, you can. If you wish to receive money from PayPal to your Juni account, you need to make a PayPal Business account with the corresponding address. Follow these simple steps to set it up:  
  1. Your Juni EUR account will be opened with LVH, an Estonian bank and your IBAN account details will be EE XXXX XXXX XXXX. PayPal requires that the country of the company address match your IBAN account.
  1. To add your Juni EUR account to PayPal you’ll need to create an account with an Estonian address in PayPal. You can use your regular company details and add the address of a co-working space or something else in Estonia.
  1. Link your Juni EUR account to PayPal as you normally would.

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